BioMinnie The Machine (Minttu Niemi) is a Finnish musician born in 1989.
She was studying communication at university and working as a journalist. But in autumn 2017 she decided to drop everything else to focus full-time on her true passion of making music.

Minnie has a perfect pitch and is a classically educated violinist and plays piano too. She has played in string orchestras and chamber music bands, and also sang in many choirs as soprano. Music has been a big part of her life since early childhood, and she learned to love music already then.

When she started to produce her own music, she didn’t have any specific style in mind except it was going to be some kind of electronic dance music. Her music is very melodic and mixes a lot of elements from different genres like house, dance, techno, trance and 80’s music. 
In spring 2019 she finished her first LP and got it released on Mona Records from Spain.

Minnie The Machine lives in Helsinki with her husband and their 2 years old daughter. Her husband is a hardtechno pioneer, who started his carrieer in late 90’s. They’re also working together to produce music that combines elements from their own styles.