artist Hiroyuki Arakawa monarecords

Hiroyuki Arakawa is now definitely a markable,and one of the artist who is under the limelight in Japan.

He spins emotional, energetic, techno which has very special groove and rhythm, added intensity of synthesiser.

He has played in the most of the clubs where the Techno is celebrated, as well as many festivals in Japan.

His tracks were played on many programs on the radios, and DJs around the world in various fields, that brought numerous positive feedbacks in succession.

Furthermore, his remix work was choosen on” BEROSHIMA/HORIZON REMIX contest” and released “HORIZON (dj arakawa remix) ” on MADMUSICIAN. In 2013,

This EP included also PIG & DAN, FUNK’D VOID, TIGER SKIN remixes.

In 2014, his first EP “KAN KAKU EP”by vinyl that had got support by many famous artists such as Laurent Garnier was released on MULLER RECORDS , and organised the release party at WOMB with the label owner FRANK MULLER, and toured several gigs along side of him successfully.

At this moment he had released his first album “Trigger”( MULLER ),and had carried release tour out that the 10 cities tour,and Euorpe tour.

In 2015, he published him label called «SPECTRA» and released many tracks by digital and vinyl. they have gather many feedback from such as Richie howtin, Paco osuna, Frank muller, Darin Epsilon, Joseph Capriati, Marc DePulse

In 2016, he recorded the viewership more than 10,000 with a label show case in DOMMUNE and he carry out the release tour that have got success all.

In 2017, his talent has accepted by Mark Knight and he released Alexander by Toolroom. this track was introduced in Radioshow of Mark Knight and created a big sensation in all the countries of the world.

In 2018, he carry out Asia tour of SPECTRA. he was appreciated by a floor, and the live set of oneself showed presence by the composition skill and live act in DOMMUNE.

独特なグルーヴ感とリズム、淡く鮮烈なシンセをならすエモーショナルテクノアーティスト 。


MULLER RECORDSにて、石野卓球やTASAKAに次いでLaurent Garnier等から多くの支持を受けた»KAN KAKU EP»をレコードリリース。

2015年には自身のレーベルSPECTRAを立ち上げ、レコードとデジタルでの楽曲リリースは、Richie howtin, Paco osuna, Frank muller, Darin Epsilon, Joseph Capriati, Marc DePulse等がサポートしている。
2017年にMark Knight主宰のToolRoomにライセンスされた。AlexanderはMark KnightのRadioshowにて紹介され世界各国で大きな反響をよんだ。