Davide Casadio

artist Davide Casadio monarecords

Having an approachable, cheerful and friendly personality and a proven ability to ensure that in always enjoyable atmosphere, during the course of his life he got the influence of the dynamics evolution of electronic music in all its nuances, so honing a particular style different from what you can define commercial. The musical style reflects his eclectic influences from high-modernist integral crystalline techno/deep to serialism electronic masters. During the last years he has collaborated with Nach Projekt, Sirup and Wave Kreator Lab. Nach Projekt born from the idea of getting together 4 friends that love technology, music, video and making good parties full of good vibes, search for new horizons on djing and performing, getting that human feel into electronic music played live, every components brings something into this project, different backgrounds, different grooves but same dream and passion. Sirup is a Scanidinavia’s finest in underground electronic music and visual art. Extending the cultural scene in Oslo by providing a junction for Oslo’s finest in underground electronic music and contemporary art. Wave Kreators Lab is a collettive created for DJ & VJ producer based in Valencia and London.