Hyman Bass

artist Aseptik Noise monarecords

DJ, producer (half of Defence of Excess) and promoter (Sagan Club) based in Madrid
DJ, producer (half of Defence of Excess), promoter (Sagan Club) and journalist (Clubbingspain.com & Mondosonoro).

He played at many of the best clubs of Madrid (Siroco, El Sol, Costello Club, Deep, Evaristo, Moroder, X Club, D´Bóveda, Demode, Contraclub, La Vía Lactea, Redrum…) & was a founding member of The Bourbaki Club and now he´s part of Sagan Club, with which he performs parties in Madrid with a residence in Siroco Club; where they have invited international & national DJs as Andy Hart, Toby Tobias, Nicson, Craig Bratley, Medlar, Ishmael, Ponty Mython, Chocky, Bessiekat, Dos Attack, Loud Neighbor, Jesus Gonsev, Jackwasfaster, Rayko, Dennis Collado & Olde Gods.

Selected discography Hyman Bass

– Hyman Bass – 46 Long EP (Voyeur Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Vineland («VVAA 52» release, Flumo Recordings, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Return From The Stars (Nerang Recordings, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Cenit EP (Myriad Black, 2016)
– Rafa Santos – Interference (Hyman Bass Remix) (Alma Soul Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – To Die For (Alma Soul Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Broken Flowers EP (Envy Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – A Spacetime Odyssey (Glück Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Talamanca (VVAA «Villa y Corte. Vol 1», Voyeur Music, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Odyssey (2Phonic Recordings, 2016)
– Hyman Bass – Siroco 2 AM (VVAA «Música con Alma Vol. 1», Alma Soul Music, 2016)
– Jorge Ramos – Diferente (Hyman Bass Remix) (7RECXRDS, 2017)
– Hyman Bass – Collab & Remixes (Cenital Music, 2017)
– Hyman Bass – My Own Summer EP (Cenital Music, 2017)

with Defence of Excess: 

– Defence of Excess – The Satiation EP (Pong Musiq, 2014)
– Defence of Excess – Jazz Club Mood («Fifty Beauties 50th» release) (Flumo Recordings, 2015)
– Defence of Excess – Point Break EP (Voyeur Music, 2016)
– Defence of Excess – Our Way (2Phonic Recordings, 2016)